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Yup my latest Soggy Bog. I had a few drinks during the recording of the show. It was fun. And tasty.

Soggy Bog 115!

Soggy Bog 67 Women of Doom Special!

NEW SOGGY BOG! New tunes by Witchcoven, Nightbitch, Funeral Arkham Witch and more!

Check out Soggy Bog 77 featuring BRAND NEW Grand Magus, Coffinworm, Old Man Gloom, bastatd of the Skies and a special song intro made by HUATA just for The Soggy Bog!

Soggy Bog 91 Traditional Doom Special!

Premier of two great records this week! Debut self titled record by Jess and the Ancient Ones and the NEW album by Castle "Blacklands" Both KILLER! Also new tunes by 16, Mares of Thrace, Kadavar Year of The Goat and classic tracks by Orange Wedge, Rainbow, Blue Cheer and more!

Soggy Bog 87 This week is all old stuff! Rock & Metal from the 60`s,70`s & 80`s!! Also i play a pretty obscure record (at least to me it was) by Crystals. A band from Italy that put out one self titles record back in 1974. Though it was interesting so i played it. Hope you enjoy it! Thanks to Andrea from Junks Trunk for helping me with the record!

Soggy Bog 103. Id like to thank Tim from Shadow Kingdom Records for supplying me with all the great tunes for this weeks show! Thanks so much! Please check out Shadow Kingdom Records here at http://www.ShadowKingdomRecords.com

Soggy Bog 182 I Voidhanger Records Block, Of Spire and Throne, Monarch and a lot more!

Amazing show this week! The Entire new Hour of 13 record "333", a new 29 minute track by Aldebaran off the new Embrace the Lightless Abyss and the entire NEW ep by Holy Mountain "Earthly Measures"

Soggy Bog 101.Id like to thank Nate from Hell and Eternal Warfare records for sending me the killer HELL III release. Also thanks to Uzala, Abbot, Chains, Horror Records and Bevar Sea for the tracks as well!

Id like to thanks Torsten for letting me spotlite Eyes Like Snow! THis week I have the privilege of playing the new Vinum Sabbatum "Bacchnale Premier" and The Wandering Midget "From the Meadows of Opium Dreams" in their entirety! I will also be playing a bunch of bands past and present on Eyes Like Snow Records!

Chelsea Wolfe. This song reminds me of the old records from Siouxsie & The Banshees.

Soggy Bog 114 DEATHSLUDGE! World Premier of NEW FISTER! New tunes by Slomatics, Beast in the Field, The Disease Concept and the entire PUS ep!

Soggy Bog 127 NEW Blood Ceremony, Serpent Throne, Church of Misery! Entire releases by Mansion, Monolith Cult, Western Ritual....

The Soggy Bog Women of Doom III Interview with Dorthia of Windhand, NEW Caucheman, Shroudeater, Uncoffined, Demon Lung, Goat, Blood Ceremony, Jex Thoth and MORE!


The Soggy Bog 136. The Cerebus Show.This week im featuring three stellar releases. First, im playing the ENIRE NEW ep by BLACK MAGICIAN "THE PURSUIVANT". Then im playing the entire ep by French death/doom band CHAOS ECHOES "TONE OF THINGS TO COME" and then i finish up with some stoner/slugy goodness from OLD AND ILL "LIVE SLOW, DIE OLD" Also new stuff by Origin Konrad, The Oath, Ereb Altor, Jucifer and more!

Soggy Bog 105 Interview with Chet W. Scott of Blood of the Black Owl. Also the ENTIRE new album LIGHT THE FIRES! and a SPECIAL VINYL ONLY track!