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Claudia Mitchell - first woman to have a bionic arm. | See More Pictures

giant robot by ptitvinc.devianta...

Giant robot and angel illustration by Facundo Diaz.

Giant Robot by Stephan Martiniere

Sexy Robot Girl

Cyberpunk, Cyber girl, future girl, sexy girl, long hair, future, robot girl, female bot, borg, futuristic girl, beautiful girl, android, arm detailing, CYBERATONICA by *Vitaly-Sokol on deviantART

Sexy Robots

....... ups where i can buy some spare parts? o.O

future, futuristic, female bot, sci-fi, robot

- Sexy Robot 011 - by FelipeChoque.devi... on deviantART

Punk sexy robot girls by ~RJamp on deviantART

Awesome tattoo of the piece Sexy Robot by Montreal artist Francois Dubeau

Sexy Robots

Sexy robot shoot

One of Michael Oswald's attractive android digital paintings of a sexy robot girl

female sexy robot -21

The Angelina Jolie Robot

Cyberpunk, Cyborg,Future, Female bot, Robot Girl, Futuristic, Skull, Sexy Comic Girl, Broken Cyborg, HARDWIRE NICOLLET MK2 Nikollet.. by *tariq12 on deviantART

3d, android, artificial, bionic, cable, contemplating, cyber, cybernetics, cyborg, daydreaming, face, fiction, future, futuristic, gazing, hand, head, illustration, isolated, looking, machine, machinery, male, man, mechanical, metal, profile, robot, robotic, sci-fi, science, scifi, technology, think, virtual, visioning, white, wires


grey mech by ~rawwad on deviantART


bot by eddiedelrio - Edward Del Rio - CGHUB

big bot

bot sketch 2