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The United States government has made it clear that there is no way that Iraqi Christians will be supported because of their religious affiliation.

Anonymous: Hillary Clinton Reveals Herself ['the best thing that could happen to us is be attacked by somebody; just bring it on ... we're going to provoke an attack because then we will be in power for as long as anyone can imagine' @ 9:55] • 12 October 2016 ***** •HRC as All-Out Hawk at the American Legion @

The DNC heeled right before an 11pm meeting with a federal judge. They realized that their side of the case had no merit, and that the case would expose a lot of stuff in the DNC that they don't want exposed. I'm sure they'd be blocking Bernie's access for quite a while if it was't for this lawsuit. The Bernie campaign did a great job of filing a case so fast to make the DNC heel.

Obama Administration Arrests Christian Refugees Lets Everyone Else Through - Eagle Rising via @theEagleiRising

The National Security Agency’s authority to collect phone metadata has expired – for now. On Sunday, the NSA will ...