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Country Living

I used to hold my teddy bear out the train window so he could fly but I dropped him in the middle of Saskatchewan. I cried but they wouldn't stop the train. That was in 1949 or I don't think windows can open on trains anymore.


Portrait Photography Inspiration Picture Description i love all the negative space in this image by emma wood. just gorgeous!

I luv children so natural with their ideas & thoughts. just genuine beautiful souls.

Calma apparente

valscrapbook: girl hanging upside down on a branch circa…

We will dance like no one is watching.  This whirling dervish is Estee Promise.

the most perfect photo of a child's joy!

Simple Joy

kid climbing a tree

Country Living - fields of purple flowers

Il colore e' poesia dell'anima I think children, when treated well, are able to feel beatifically happy over the smallest things simply because they are utterly un-selfconscious.


ANOTHER PINNER SAID: When I was a little girl in Germany I thought . "I wonder what my future husband is doing right now?" and in that moment I had a vision of a boy sitting on rock in water . exactly like this image . he had dark brown curly hair.

Sean Stephens (originally in color)

Childhood Photo Session Inspiration Idea Child Kid Daughter Son Girl Boy Family parents Outside Outdoors Field Country Paddock Park Reserve At Home Lifestyle Studio Hopscotch Jump Game Play Memory Capture Kirra Photography

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hahahaha. They're so funny. And when I grow up I'm gonna take alllll their money. Lol.

Smiling Baby oooh my heart melted


Beaautiful little girl with long gorgeous eye lashes.

Jean-Philippe Charbonnier - Le Secret, Eglantine et Laurence, Paris 1979

sister: my first and best friend. le secret, eglantine et Laurence photo by Jean-Philippe Charbonnier, Paris 1979

pink girl! There's a picture somewhere of me doing this with a Popsicle in my hand and pigtails. It was taken in New Orleans at the ferry dock. :)

jump for joy in Pink! Pink is for JOY. Pink isn't for disease.


Child photo idea on a slide

a wonderful memory....

meggielynne: remember when the only cares you had in the world was if you could beat your best friend at a hoola-hoop contest? the days when you spent hours outside, trying the master that skill…