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To All the Moms Raising Kids With Medical Issues

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27 Problems Only Introverts Will Understand

27 things only INTROVERTS will get. Because even though introverts are misunderstood constantly, you know this to be true:

My New Take on 'God Only Gives Kids With Special Needs to...'

A mom explains her opinion on the phrase "God only gives kids with special needs to people who can handle it."

A gene therapy treatment that restores a missing liver enzyme in test animals could provide a cure for a rare metabolic disorder in humans, according to Duke University Medical Center researchers.

Dad Of Kid With Autism Develops App So People With Disorder Can Find, Rate Accommodating Places

Start Friday with some good news. This story about a dad who develops an app, Autism Village, to help all parents with autistic kids. To back Autism Village on KickStarter:

Decorate Pinecone Christmas Trees

Make adorable pinecone christmas trees for a Christmas kids craft! So easy and cute.

Magellan Health to Expand Capabilities Related to Long-Term Services and Supports

Magellan Health, Inc. today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire The Management Group, LLC, a company with 30 years of expertise in community-based long-term services and supports.