How to reduce body fat percentage: drink more water and skip on beverages with little nutritional value

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Lose Fat and Reduce Body Fat Percentage with Basic Math

Delish weight loss trick: Eat citrus every day! Vitamin C inhibits the production of cortisol, a hormone that makes your body store fat. |

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Belly fat, or visceral fat, is the most dangerous type of fat there is. Ditch it and you’ll not only save your health, you’ll also lose weight and trim your waistline.

How the body uses different sources of fuel, both dietary (proteins, carbs, fats) and stored (body fat, muscle).

Fastest Ways to Lose Thigh Fat

Toxins enter through our food, air, water and environment and need to be detoxified from our bodies. Rid your toxins with Axe Naturals Cell Detox

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The Military Diet: The "Military Diet" is a natural, and inexpensive diet that is chemically formulated and designed to burn fat, jump start your bodies metabolic rate and cause your body to lose weight fast! The best part about the Military diet? Is that it is practically free, it costs almost nothing, with no pills, or powders or weird supplements, with no high level of physical or strenuous workout routines, and the military diet even lets you eat VANILLA ICE CREAM!

21 Inspirational Weight Loss Tips You've Probably Never Tried ~ Make drinking enough water a no-brainer!

#BodyFatPercentages Images of different women's body fat percentages.

What body fat percentage do you want to be? Do more of this, less of that.

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