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Think Pink With 20 Cotton Candy-Colored Dye Jobs

I tried my best to resist, but dangit I can't help it. I really love this blush pink hair.

"May Thor Strike You Dead." Shield Maidens in History & Fiction

"May Thor Strike You Dead." Shield Maidens in History & Fiction: "This historical contributions of women are infinitely more than their marriage dowries, or birthing sons that would go on to do great deeds. Of these historical contributions, arguably the most fascinating are those of "shield maidens," or women who accompanied men into battle with shield, sword, and spear. " (click link for more)

These 20 Purple Hairstyles Will Make You Want to Dye Your Hair

Colored Hairstyles You Must Try for the Season - Pretty Designs

Flowers, Braids And Looking Undone: Festival Hair Inspiration 2015

AMAZING site for hair styles: