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  • Katie Christensen

    this still makes me laugh every time..maybe not because of any relationships i've had but i know ALOT of people who insist they must have been.

  • Emilie McCormick-Aliamus

    bahahaha funny how these things are so true! Yup. And yup.

  • Michael DuBeau

    funny humor with sayings | Funny Quotes: Funny Jokes And Quotes About Life Love Birthday Sayings ...

  • Cassie Whitaker

    I'm sorry but this too funny - and so true!

  • ❤Kawaii Love❤

    ❤Kawaii Love❤ ~Cute Drugs Drunk Ex Friends Funny Joke Love Nice Photography Quote Quotes Relation Relationship Ship Text Typography Word Words - PicShip #talktala #relationshipquote

  • Torri Dement

    Funny stuff!!

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