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I help you make 1 change per month to a nontoxic product. By the end of the year, you'll have made huge progress.

Every month the Beauty Changeover Challenge helps you change out 1 toxic beauty product and replace it with a safer version. So far we've gotten rid of our toxic body lotion, body wash, antiperspirant & deodorant, and added shower filters. This month we changeout our toxic foundation for a nontoxic liquid or mineral foundation.

Beauty Changeover Challenge: Skincare - In the 6th month of the Beauty Changeover Challenge we are looking at the toxic ingredients common in skincare & safer alternatives.

Have you changed your skincare and diet but are still struggling with acne. Take a look at these 4 things that might be making your acne worse.


Common Makeup Mistakes You May Be Making Right Now- this is a really helpful guide that gives solutions to all your biggest beauty blunders. I wish I would have seen this years ago! Great pin!!

from Blooming in Bedlam

How Essential Oils Changed My Beauty Routine

How Essential Oils Changed My Beauty Routine + Must-Have Oils for sleeping better, longer lashes, battling dark spots and acne scars & preventing wrinkles.

Aquafor Baby Gentle Wash & Shampoo: Is It Safe?

Review of the Barbar Eco 8000 hair dryer and a promo code to get 50% off your purchase.

from Holistic Health Herbalist

The No-Poo Method- One Month Results

The No-Poo Method- One Month Results Here's the results of my experience going no-poo for over 30 days! #nopoomethod #health #beauty #lowpoo #bakingsoda