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    إقرأ باسم ربك الذي خلق



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    إقرأ باسم ربك الذي خلق #الخط_العربي #خط_الثلث

    This Egyptian wall treatment is made up of red, white, yellow, green, and black marble to form a mosaic of geometric patterns based on five and ten point stars typically found in mosques.

    DesertRose/// Aayat Bayinat

    Contemporary Calligraphy | SUSI - Brixia - Italy

    © Turan Sevgili - Hilye-i Şerîf

    © Mesut Dikel - Levha - Fetih Sûresi

    The Ayat an-Nur (Arabic: "the Sign of Light" or theVerse of Light) is the 35th line of the 24th sura of the Qur'an, Sura an-Nur. The verse is renowned for its remarkable beauty and imagery, and perhaps more than any other verse lends itself tomystical or esoteric readings of the Qur'an. The verse was very commonly used in the decoration of mosque lamps.

    يقرأ هذه الابيات من الاسفل الى الأعلى يا سروري ومنيتي وندائي * وانيسي وعدتي ووفائي وعمادي ومأملي وودادي * وسؤالي وبغيتي ودوائي ومرادي وسلوتي ونصيري * وعتادي وابتهالي ورجائي

    Arabic calligraphy: Duʿāʾ (دعاء) - Supplication

    اقرأ باسم ربك الذي خلق  Read in the name of your Lord


    وأما بنعمة ربك فحدث

    “فسبحان الذي بيده ملكوت كل شيء و اليه ترجعون”


    By Sylvian Meschia

    Journalling & coffee

    Betina Naab

    Ceramic #tile. Inscription (on tiles): There is no god but God and Muhammad is the messenger of God. All praise be to God. God the Great be praised; God; May his majesty be glorified; God is Great (Muslim prayer). Collection of Wasmaa Khalid Chorbachi

    IMG_0119 by, via Flickr

    3a6l: Text reads:{تبارك الذي بيده الملك وهو على كل شيءٍ قدير} "Blessed is He in Whose Hand is the dominion, and He is Able to do all things." Quran -67