It's Official : We're Moving

Pin ItI was born in the corner of Ohio that no one has ever heard of. It’s rural, generally boring and about two hours from the nearest city, but it’s beautiful and my home. The photo to the right is of an old railroad trestle – just one of the magical pieces of history I [...]
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Countdown for dealing with power outages (mixed with humor)

SO funny, "reasons my kids is crying."

Nerd humor lol

Drinking tea


Can't argue with that.


love birds

Have they met our dog? :\

Old Railroad Trestle Ohio - Photo by Amanda Hearn


good people bring out the good in people #quote #wisdom #true #fact #friends

Yummy #lol

What's sweeter than a sweet man and adorable puppies? Nothing, that's what! :)

♥ Poor little bunny foo foo #remorse

I love seeing amazing moments and dreams coming true. So awesome.


laughing - love this baby's smile!

I don't even know what to say here.

Most patient dog. ever. Poor little dude.


Cabbage Patch cake balls - i.e. Cannibalism (pssst.. he's looking at you!)


I'm not a sock monkey person but this is too freaking precious.