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Hello there! Welcome to the wonderful world of ThatDisneyLover! I'm Laura, I am 23 years of age and I from the UK! I am obsessed with many things: Disney, Disney Parks (Mainly Paris), Animation, Movies, Christina Aguilera, Marilyn Monroe, Pentatonix,...

RWBY I'm one with the Force. The Force is with me

I find this so true and funny. Like an arrow necklace that I drew on one of my character's neck and a friend was like "it signifies where she was being pulled right?" And I was like "yeah sure." But really I didn't know what to put.

30 Best Sherlock Quotes from 'The Six Thatchers' (4x01

Sherlock Quote from 4x01 │ Sherlock Holmes: What is that? (balloon with a face drawn on it) John Watson: That is… me. Well, it’s a me substitute. Sherlock Holmes: Don’t be so hard on yourself. You know I value your little contributions. John Watson: Yeah? It’s been there since nine this morning. Sherlock Holmes: Has it? Where were you? John Watson: Helping Mrs H with her Sudoku.

Is it bad that I understand this, and haven't even seen the movie.

Love the "This-was-my-idea-and-everyone-loves-it" face.

"Many of our people died, trying to get this information" - quote form New Hope. I realised this at the beginning of film and I wondered who will die, but I didn't suppose that ALL OF THEM will die.

Sorry but I mean he is always attractive in different way but that episode on the right. DAAAMN! so hot.

"I don't like sharing my music because it's like my personal journal, so if you don't like my songs it's as though you're rejecting me as a person...."