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Life coach on Twitter: Texas cop-killing ‘is what justice looks like’ ( No, this is what stupid looks like).

Respect: What no one is telling you by JaxiWest on SoundCloud

Nobody ever mentions this in their so-called and B.S. "statistics"... they'd rather deflect their stupid arguments to relative "non-issues" (such as what types of firearms can be owned, how many rounds a magazine can hold, or what types of rounds can be purchased, etc.)... while choosing to obliviously (and even outright consciously) ignore the number one cause of death (because they're morally & spiritually bankrupt in not valuing anyone else's right to life - except their own)...

Though it's not considered death if they don't see the baby as a human being


God bless each and every one of them and keep them safe from this ignorant outcry from so-called Americans bring them home safely to their families every night I pray Lord in your name amen

God bless all officers.. My.thoughts and prays are with you all..  Be safe out there..

God bless all officers. My thoughts and prays are with you all.Be safe out there! ~ RADICAL Rational Americans Defending Individual Choice And Liberty

And they protect his Identity by blurring his face how tolerant of them

Germany - muslim man murders his 18 year old wife for being too independent, he stabber her 46 times, beat her and then ran over her with his car.

The most powerful photos are the ones that have the ability to completely rip your heart out. : (

Without words.

brave little soldier. so sad but so much love. this little boy is precious

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Every time he opened his mouth! Funny how gun sales have dropped since Trump took office

Can I speak my mind for a minute y'all. WOW, everyone needs to hear this lady!!! May God Bless her!!!!

Can I speak my mind for a minute y'all -- Woman Puts Life On The Line To Expose Truth About Sterling, Castile, & Obama