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I chose this because the Civil War killed an extreme number of people. The total number of casualties of the war is roughly 620,000 which is more than any war the US has been apart of. Gettysburg was the bloodiest battle resulting in 51,000 casualties. Antietam was the bloodiest day and resulted in 22,717 casualties.

When the war was over everyone came to the government to make them fix their issues. The South was completely destroyed and there were very little amounts of necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, education, and many were still grieving from the loss of a family member. An entire generation after the Civil War grew up without fathers. After the Civil War the US had seemed to have fallen apart.

When the Freedman´s Bureau was created there was much controversy on the subject. The blacks were still extremely discriminated against and now they could possibly take a white man´s job. The Bureau created help for the men, however the Bureau was forced to return their property to the white men.

Following the Civil War many African Americans were uneducated and could not get jobs. With help from religious denominations and northern philanthropists colleges such as Clafin University, Benedict College, Allen University, and the Avery Institute were created to help the blacks. Many people traveled south to teach at these colleges, and the Southerners may have called them "carpetbaggers" but they made a great mark in the African American education process.

Following the Civil War, Southerners refused to ratify the 14th and 15th amendments. Before the war the ratio of African Americans to Whites were 5-1 so after the war many blacks took over the government. After 1868 African Americans could work in the government and they had more political power in South Carolina than any other state.

After the Civil War many whites were not happy with the freedoms African Americans had. Terrorists groups for the blacks had been created. The Ku Klux Klan (pictured) is widely known for their constant terror against the blacks. The purpose of these groups was that they were trying to get the blacks to stay in "their place" socially, economically, and politically.

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This is a representation of what everyone knew life was going to be like at the end of the war. The southern plantation owners did not want to treat black men like they were anything but property. Also, after the war there was tension between the North and the South and the way they handled many things after that. Before the war South Carolina was a highly respected state and was taken in to account on many government decisions. After it was not the same between the two si...

The Freedman´s Bureau was the first assistance that Congress gave to people after the war. The aid was offered to whites and newly freed men. It provided food, clothing, medical assistance, education, and protection. It was also known to help many freedman find work and it established courts to protect the illiterate workers.