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Jenifer Gearhart on

I did that. I started the ball rolling and when it stopped someone famous stepped up for a cause and donated a great amount to help. It was a wonderful feeling to know that my idea spread like wild fire and helped. I helped make a difference.

WIZARD OF OZ Quote Frank Baum Quote Typed on Typewriter

Yeah, so it was written by a coke fiend-- no matter, the sentiment is TRUE. You have magic inside of you. (By "magic", I mean that you are full of wonder and possibility, not that pulling a bunny out of a hat shit.)

Ever known anyone that can't control their anger? They usually like drama, dissension, and turmoil in their life... don't allow them to bring it into yours! Rkb

Starts with you. You can't 'own it'? Your own voice, your own thoughts? You'll be chasing gimmicks for the rest of your life. Stop. Get on board. With yourself. Rest falls in line ~~ like magic.