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pink tub and lace

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pretty towels...

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Pink Shabby

Not always fond of pink but I like this one. #distress #recycle #upcycle #furniture #cupboard #reciclar #shabby #shabbychic

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dressing table, make up, pink, old fashioned, vintage, mirror, pink, white, pastel, bedroom, decor

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pretty old world bathroom

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DIY::Shabby Chic Bathroom Decor Ideas





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Great bathroom

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shabby tub!! cute

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Bathroom Sits - Is this what your dream house looks like? It certainly gets out stamp of approval! Find out more about the opportunities at LyfeClub and work out what you want to achieve from life. #dream #house #pool #home


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For The Home

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PeRfeCtLy ChiPPy!*!*! "Cottage STyLe"...

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Pale blue armoire

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A gorgeously feminine, soft pink and white, toile cushion adorned corner that just begs to be nestled into with a box of French macarons in hand. #home #decor #pink #shabby #chic #elegant #toile #chair #cushion #pillow

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Shabby Chic Bedroom Turquoise

Painted Cottage Aqua Chic Romance Aqua Chic by paintedcottages, $565.00. Wish I could afford it!

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Love the glass doors, the old tub, the shutters against the wall, everything!


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Love this old tub!

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fireplace beside tub my perfect bathtub setup

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Shabby Chic Vanity

So pretty.


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Claw Foot Tubs - Beautiful

This Old Housefrom This Old House

Best Bath Before and Afters 2010

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claw foot tub