{infographic} Scientific consensus on the safety of GMOs

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Scientific Consensus on GMOs

I'm so excited to bring you this post!  Guesting today is Mommy PhD, a mom and scientist who has thoroughly studied the food she feeds her family.  I met her via Facebook a few months ago and it se...

This is a research study on food safety of GE (GMO) goods. I will use it as another example of safety im GMO foods.

Are Monsanto's voluntary safety assessments enough for you? Vote Yeson522 to label GMOs in Washington so you will have the information you need and the freedom to choose what you eat and feed your family. As Washington goes, so goes the nation! We're behind you, Washington! #YesOn522 #labelgmos #freedom2chooz #gmofreeusa #StopMonsanto

The_Biggest_Food_Threat_of_2013 - GE/GMO Foods: Environmentalists and food-safety advocates were not pleased. "This was a very narrow assessment, and it's the wrong framework for FDA to be making such crucial decisions," says Colin O'Neil, director of government affairs for the Center for Food Safety, a nonprofit that has opposed GE salmon

Regulators Discover a Hidden Viral Gene in Commercial GMO Crops - In 2012, the European Food Safety Authority sponsored research that lead to the discovery of a potentially dangerous viral gene fragment employed in the creation of 54 of the 84 GMO crops presently approved for use in food and feed today.

If you're having stomach or gastrointestinal problems, you might want to try cutting back on the GMO corn or soy for a while. A new study from Institute of Health and Environmental Research in Kensington Park, Australia, showed pigs fed a diet of genetically-engineered corn and soy had a 267 percent increase in severe stomach inflammation.

No way to identify which foods are not Genetically Engineered at grocery store

Roundup more toxic than officially declared - new study. In a new research(1) published in the highly ranked scientific journal Toxicology, Robin Mesnage, Benoit Bernay and Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini, from the University of Caen, France, have proven (from a study of nine Roundup-like herbicides) that the most toxic compound is not glyphosate, which is the substance the most assessed by regulatory authorities, but a compound that is not always listed on the label, called POE-15....

Do We Need Better Advice About Eating Well? I Vote Yes.

Pope Francis's Encyclical Could Have Bigger Impact Than the Paris Climate Talks, Says NASA Scientist

With the aid of innovative and highly sensitive testing, Spanish-Moroccan scientists determined that there could be up to 20 painkillers, antibiotics, and growth hormones in a single glass of milk. The researchers say that the traces are so small that consumers need not worry about adverse effects, so we’ll just have to take their word for it, it seems. The scientists analyzed 20 samples of milk—cow’s, goat’s, and human—bought in Spain and Morocco, and found a chemical cocktail of ingredien...

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