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Scientific Consensus. It matters. GMO foods are safe. Deal with it. Credit: Gary Frewin (www.axismundionli...)

Marion Nestle is a professor of Nutrition at NYU. Here Food and Politics blog gives an eye to policies that change all too slowly in the FDA and USDA worlds... The transfat story is one victory!

GM Foods & GMOs: What I've Learned - Nurse Loves Farmer

GMO Foods Info. This is a great website to understand the details about GMO, Organic foods, Hormones, Antibiotics and lots more about the food grown in our country.

GMO foods are safe. Deal with it.Credit: Art Canfil

  • Angela Jahnel

    I'm all for science, but I really don't think these crops are safe. Mosanto has engineered crops to make grasshopper stomachs explode when they eat them! It's not a residue on the plants that you can wash off, it is a part of the plant's genes. New studies show that these chemicals can damage human kidneys.

  • Kay H.

    I haven't deleted anything, Maria.

  • Maria De Leeuw

    That was so weird Kay! I came back a few days ago and all the comments below Alana's were gone. Then I came back again, I don't recall when, and everything below my comment starting with "I am not a vegetarian" was gone, even my question about being deleted. Obviously you didn't delete anything, because everything is here now. Sorry. I certainly didn't intend to accuse you of anything. Anyway, on with the show.

  • Angela Jahnel

    I agree with Maria that these companies, ALL of them, need to list all ingredients in their food, including whether or not the products are GMO. I get so tired of companies listing mysterious items like "food starch" on their ingredients list. What the hell is food starch? Is it made of corn, wheat, rice, a mixture of all of them, or something else? Since I now have allergies to corn and wheat, (and I may be developing a rice allergy) I just have to avoid foods with mystery ingredients.

  • Maria De Leeuw

    Now I cant' see my reply to you Kay! What is going on?

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What does organic really mean? Everything you ever wanted to know about what it means to be organic. Credits Published by Unknown. Add creditDesigned by Loku+ Follow More Info Added: 8 months ago Rank: 35 of 736 in Food Tags: organic, local, diet, health, food Source: Incorrect or Missing URL? Let us know

  • Michaela Richmond

    The part of the infographic that states "organic farmers don't receive federal subsidies" is false. Also, *all* farming (conventional, organic, progressive, etc.) is very labor intensive and all farmers (not just organic) are concerned with, and work very hard too prevent soil erosion.

  • Amaze Tea

    Amaze-ing! x

Are GMOs increasing the price of food?

Infographic: Should Genetically Modified (GM) Foods be Banned?

Great infographic from @Dupont_News: biggest challenges and opportunities to global food security. #WorldFoodPrize