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Now I feel dizzy…

social propaganda indeed to make the mass sheep of peoples to NOT believe the flat earth society - this piece of Luciferian propaganda designed elegantly for you to "Obey Propaganda" - indeed their secret society agenda plain to see - read the King James Bible will help there is no argument with those who have studied and been tired and trained by it...there is no substitute for paying attention...

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Mitosis Study Guide

Diagram. Reference this diagram when reviewing the phases of mitosis. This study guide includes images of each phase, and an explanation of each phase. It is a very visual explanation of how mitosis works.

from Fantastic Fun & Learning

Books About Seeds for Kids

Books About Seeds for Kids...great for Letter S, spring, seeds or garden activities

from Upworthy

More Than 93 Percent Of Americans Totally Want This To Be Legalized. (And It's Not Weed.)

"The vote in Washington is getting closer, and junk food companies with Monsanto are spending millions to stop GMO labeling from becoming a reality." -Fooducate pass on: "EVERYTHING [WE] NEED TO KNOW ABOUT GMO LAWS [or the lack there of] Infographic"

Human Life Span Took Huge Jump in Past Century | Longevity & Odds of Dying | LiveScience