Drive-in movie prep; fun idea for kids. Great way to encourage their imaination

fish game -- felt and magnets. So fun!

fun-for-kids-rainy-day-crafts-activities-best-ideas-17: some really unique fun activities for the boys

How cute:) Backyard Drive-In Movie, outdoor party! They could even decorate their own "cars."

This is funny!! And fun!!

Place a tarp under or at the bottom of slide, set up sprinkler to keep slide and tarp wet...hours of water fun! Remember for next summer!

fun and easy tshirt idea for the kiddos

Cardboard + Stairs = DIY Slide!

21 fun summer activities - some I haven't seen before

Mug with a hoop!

Grandparents Christmas Gift: Put tape on canvas, let them finger paint, remove the tape....

PVC Sprinkler Water add to our awesome water table made from PVC pipe...thanks to handy-Daddy!

birthday crafts ideas DIY kids entertaining

Idea for kids in the garden

Some fun ideas

This will be fun...

Think Parenting is Tough? Well, Not Anymore! Check out these amazing ideas to make everyday problems turn into fun activities. Parenting was never this easier...and fun!

Colorful buckets and shovels serve up the party snacks for a summer BBQ or kids' birthday party!