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  • Kunterbunte Kathi

    The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything by Lou Aronica and Ken Robinson ___________ This book is so lovely and soo much worth reading!! I enjoyed every single word!

  • Jerry Yanasak

    The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything Sir Ken Robinson with Lou Aronica

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Finding Your Element: How to Discover Your Talents and Passions and Transform Your Life/Ken Robinson, Lou Aronica

?Being able to step back and view things as an outsider, or from a slightly different angle, seems to promote creativity, Mr. Lehrer says. This is why travel frequently seems to free the imagination, and why the young (who haven’t learned all sorts of rules) are often more innovative than their elders."

Robinson demonstrates the power of properly harnessing innate creativity through fascinating case studies and personal stories, and offers a powerful vision for bringing this respect for natural talent to the world of education.

interesting ideas on innovation, points to taking small bets on things to guide direction, allowing for failures, instead of waiting for the big idea or until things are perfect

In Sterling, New Hampshire, 17-year-old high school student Peter Houghton has endured years of verbal and physical abuse at the hands of classmates. His best friend, Josie Cormier, succumbed to peer pressure and now hangs out with the popular crowd that often instigates the harassment. One final incident of bullying sends Peter over the edge and leads him to commit an act of violence that forever changes the lives of Sterling’s residents.

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Sir Ken Robinson - Out of our Minds--fostering creativity and innovation in education and business

100 Amazing Books to Read in a Lifetime Great list! I've ready many, but many more to enjoy...

summer reading, as if I need more on my list

[[buzzfeed article: books that will actually change your life.]] The Giver || Lois Lowry. One of my all-time FAVORITES. Just timeless.