Global warming #illustration

8 1/2 - movie poster

Museum of Sex Posters

"Help yourself" CVV campaign

Romeo & Juliet poster

Anti Smoking Poster #creative #ad

Love the simpleness of the design. The repetition and scaling of the image creates a movement and tension. The hierarchy is subtle but well defined.

Figurativismo#graphic design #poster #advertising #graphic banner #Illustrations|

Japanese Poster. Global Warming. Shinmura Norito. 2006

Official 2015 Festival Poster

I love the simple style of this poster and how an image is made just using the hand and the screw. I think that it works well with the space and there is a focus point in the middle of the design.

The reason I chose this poster is because it displays a range of colours blended around the image of the headphone.

Creative posters for climate changes~

Wander Postcard Project : No. 50 / Travis Ladue

Rosmarie Tissi

"Think" Vintage light bulb graphic poster.

clean poster

poster design

Vintage travel poster showing a canal in Venice. Vittorio Grassi, circa 1920.

Poster illustrating the use of negative space.Gestalt principle