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  • Sandy Masuo

    I never saw "Possession" because I had a hard time imagining all the textual intercourse working in a film. It is a written work about the power of writing. Maybe some day. But this is a fantastic adaptation of A.S. Byatt's novella "Morpho Eugenia."

  • Julie M.

    Angels and Insects (1995) - Philip Haas

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What I really like about this movie is the story of the seduction, most elegantly achieved. Eugenia portrays the image of a vulnerable soul in constant need of protection, which is ever so tempting for men and poor William falls hard and fast. “He was inside the atmosphere, or light, or scent she spread, as a boat is inside the drag of a whirlpool, as a bee is caught in the lasso of perfume from the throat of a flower.”

A lovely film about sibling rivalry and sibling love-- complex and unlike any other love you have for another. Jennifer Jason Leigh is so good, at times you will find it hard to watch her. And who knew Mare Winningham could sing so beautifully? Honest and raw, with a great soundtrack.

The first technology movie that scared me. Identity theft. I thought way before it's time, but that was only a few years ago. haha

The story of the relationship between painter Dora Carrington and author Lytton Strachey in a World War One England of cottages and countryside, Carrington ~ 1995

To Die For (1995) Director: Gus Van Sant

Braveheart is another testosterone injected battle of will and country and the "Freedom" scene is a classic that I can recite at will and do perfectly intoxicated.

Leaving Las Vegas (1995) dir. by Mike Figgis. Ben Sanderson, an alcoholic Hollywood screenwriter who lost everything because of his drinking, arrives in Las Vegas to drink himself to death. There, he meets and forms an uneasy friendship and non-interference pact with sex worker Sera.

French Kiss (1995) starring Meg Ryan & Kevin Kline