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    What is Fracking? Learn more here: Fracking Our Farms: A Tale of Five Farming Families www.organicconsum...

    Contrary to the oil & gas industry's claim that fracking is harmless and safe, there have been numerous documented "fraccidents" linked to poisoned drinking water, polluted air, mysterious animal deaths, and explosions. Check out this link for an interactive map of fraccidents! >>

    Stop Fracking Now! This is insane.

    again, fracking

    One Man's Clever Idea to Fight Frackers and Save His Organic Farm: He did more than just act against fracking when he became the first private property owner in the United States to use a deed easement recognizing the Rights of Nature.

    We need to change our power sources away from polluting sources. The only reason we're not is because rich oil & coal interests lobby to block that. They don't want to lose their golden goose. What happened to American innovation???

    Boreal forest.

    Windmills Not Oil Spills


    Truth be told...

    Umwelt- und Nachhaltigkeitsherausforderungen wie zum Beispiel die Veränderung des Klimas oder die Energieversorgung sind grenzüberschreitend und erfordern internationale Problemlösestrategien, die Sie als Studierende der Environmental and Sustainability Studies entwickeln lernen. Mehr unter:

    Fracking -- we must stop it now!!!!

    Belakwa NY - Town abandoned after fracking destroyed the aquifer.

    So many oil spills

    Which makes more sense re global warming?

    Stop fracking.

    not sustainable

    ruining & suing

    Explain to future generations it was good for the economy . When they can’t farm the land, breath the air and drink the water.

    you don't need a reason...