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Wow, Linda, what a difference. She lost 36kg and 125cm! "To feel so positive about life and wanting to embrace it is an empowering feeling. I hope my success will encourage other women to step forward and start their own journey." #healthyinspirations #weightloss

Even a small amount of weight can make a big difference to how you feel and how you look: Theresa M lost 5.4kg & 29.5cm "I have not had a very easy time health wise. I didn’t even think I would be able to lose weight but I have and I feel good." #healthyinspirations #weightloss

Weight Loss Transformation of the Day: Jasmyn lost 48 pounds. This 5 foot tall diva wanted to avoid major health issues and was inspired by the stories of others to change her life. She is still on her journey, but she wanted to share her progress with us...

Wow, Sue, you're looking amazing! Sue lost 25.5kg and 83cm. "Just do it. I did and now I feel wonderful." #healthyinspirations #weightloss

What an inspiration: Cheryle S lost 22kg and 69.5 cm, and is now helping other women with their own weight loss journeys. “It’s the best investment I’ve ever made. What price can you put on health and happiness” #healthyinspirations #weightloss

What can we say? From feeling negative and with little confidence, Kylie is now a real inspiration to many women in her local area. She lost 26kg and 103cm. “It was a huge challenge for me…my negative voice asked what if I couldn’t do it? I needed to try a new approach and be willing to invest in myself.” #healthyinspirations #weightloss

Steph W looks pretty excited with her results, as well she should! She lost 8.2kg and 36.5cm "I feel good and it’s good to be able to wear those size 10-12 clothes again." #HealthyInspirations #WeightLoss

Loretta L says: "After 6 1/2 months i had lost 11.1kgs and 42.5cm from all over my body. I have heaps more energy and i feel the fittest I've been since i was a teenager" Congratulations! #healthyinspirations #weightloss

Sherry lost 38.5 pounds and 4 dress sizes! She says " I am more confident and less self conscious; I know I am doing the right thing for me. I have so much more energy and I am thrilled to say I no longer have heart burn!" Learn more at #weightloss #metabolicresearchcenter #motivation

Mike has lost 35 lbs using IdealShape! Can you believe how good he looks? He's like a whole new person! #idealshape #fitness #weightloss #nutrition #myideal