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Still a better friend then John

What I hear reading these: Rachel Green ("There was no Rachel Green on the list... but there was a Rachel Greep"). Monica Geller ("Monica Gellerrrr" in Irish accent). Phoebe Buffay ("Ladies & gentlemen, back by popular demand... Miss Phoebe Buffay!"). Joey Tribbiani ("...By day I'll be Dr. Drake Ramoray, but by night I'll be JOEY TRIBBIANIIIIII" for Bamboozle). Chandler Bing ("'Nice to meet you Chandler Bing... BING!' 'Great apartment Chandler Bing... BING!'"). Dr. Ross Geller ("& I'm

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Elvis and Priscilla Elvis would cover his face with a ski mask so that he could enjoy spending time with family and friends without the fans/public knowing it was him,

✧ Tumblr ✧ Facebook ✧ Twitter ✧ I've been wanting to draw a FNAF gijinka for a while! Otherwise, this week's been....a wild ride to say the least.

my friend sent me a fan fic earlier and it was so weird and confusing. Like i swear they were on crack or something lol.

KPOP Fans Can Relate #771: So have done this when I was learning some Korean kekeke :P