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Summer Sommer

Top 30 Summer Quotes Sunshine

Life on both farms this summer is going to be awesome! Hit days in the sun and late nights under the stars!

Beach Bodyweight Circuit

Tone your abs, arms, and legs anywhere with this full body workout routine. A beach bodyweight circuit that will boost your metabolism, melt fat and get your body in shape, and ready for Summer!

This color palette is really pretty. I like how all of the colors are used in different ways in each photo.

Fruchtige Erdbeer-Mango-Bowle mit Basilikum

Rote Erdbeeren, gelbe Mango und grüne Limette – was kann es besseres in einem fruchtigen Sommer-Drink geben?! Süß und erfrischend lassen sich die die bunten Früchtchen in der exotischen Weißwein-Bowle treiben und genießen den Sommer.

I always thought I was a spring, but according to this site I am a cool summer. The pink skintones and natural blonde hair don't lie. Get your colors here.