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Osamu Inayoshi

Osamu Inayoshi

Ceramic lily pad coasters are the loveliest example of functional sculpture (just remove a bloom when you want to set down a glass). #etsyfinds

Bede Clarke Woodfired Vase.

Alex Sickling

// 1960s ceramic box from my new post for the Etsy Blog: http://www.etsy.com/storque/

Christine Kaiser - Moon Cassandra

anna eden

Jeff Whyman

Treat your favorite foodie to a polka-dotted honey pot. #etsy

Akihiro Nikaido

Tanya Brett, London

neriage bottle, sangyu xu

Maria Kristofersson

Head from the figure of a woman, ca. 2700–2500 b.c.; Early Cycladic I–II. Cycladic; Keros-Syros culture.

Emily Schroeder

Japanese Ogaku Mori (b1937), the renowned Bizen ceramic artist, is famed also for building the world's largest 50-meter ogama that fires for 55 days once every four years, producing the finest of Bizen ware.

Heidi Soos - Highland Fairy

Use these nested, raindrop-speckled cloud bowls from Spanish ceramics collective Barruntando

Kato Yasukage.

indented yellow chawan by ralphnuara