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The canopy over the straw table and benches was piped with tulle and white lights! Used large white buckets served as urns all around with wild flowers everywhere!

Fresh linen with burlap and lace runners with wild flowers and crab apples of the season. Our cousin Marc and her daughter Cathy came through on all the color!

The painted mason jars and fresh wild flowers were everywhere, giving it a very fall feel. Mason jars carried through in everything we did to give it that country charm feeling

Everything worked from rakes to gardening water buckets... Baskets, baskets and more baskets, we painted them like the mason jars and had them everywhere!

Rain, rain go away! It didn't so we improvised with this 20' canopy. We took several bails of straw and created a very large table with seating for many. Old barn lumber was placed as decor in various places to once again add that country charm.

This old mirror served as a sign, that read Jess loves David with a drawn was very cute and much brighter than the image reflects.

My husband had gone home to his Mamma's house and brought home bags of linen. What a treat to use old linen and old quilts as table clothes outside. It was gorgeous! Oh and for the record, all those old linens are washed and folded in the linen bin, ready to be used on a bed, or perhaps something else!

Grams old aprons served as great decorations all around, including this shot which included the a suitcase from Lord knows when which worked as the envelope box for the bride and groom...again we used everything including Papa's work horses.