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Silver coin minted 322 BCE. Alexander the Great conquered the key passageway between the Himalayas and the Hindu Kush mountains, founded several Greek cities near Oxus and Bactria in the Khyber Pass, Gandhara, and the Punjab, expanding the Greco-Indo empire into Buddhist regions where most of the interaction between India and Central Asia took place. The bottom shows him fighting King Porus (on the elephant), ruler of a region in the Punjab 326 BCE. Top: he is crowned by Minerva.

Pre - decimal British coins: The old Penny, and the Sixpence (aka - the 'Tanner'). These are two examples of what our generation (and older) of British people have come to call 'REAL money'. This was the old 'Imperial' coinage that we used before decimalisation in 1971. As well as these we had other coins coins with great names, like the Farthing (a quarter penny); Ha’penny (half penny); Thrip’ny (three penny); Bob (shilling: twelve pennies); Florin (two shillings)


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Authentic ancient coin from the First year of the Bar Kochba Revolt. Most of the text and images are clearly visible. The coin is enclosed in a thick 14ct gold setting custom crafted in Jerusalem. Coin Description: Date: 132-135 AD. Obv: Seven-branched palm tree with two bunches of dates, Hebrew legend across Rev: vine leaf on tendril, Hebrew legend "Year 1 of the redemption of Israel". History: The Bar Kokhba revolt (132–136 AD) against the Roman Empire, was the third major rebellion b...

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