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How Did You Go From Teaching To Writing?

Several readers asked if I could share how I transitioned from teaching to freelance writing. My journey applies to anyone in a life transition - finding your strengths, setting goals, and planning action steps.
  • Megan Carroll

    Going from teacher to writer. A journey of transition and how she approached writing as a business.

  • Rowena Murillo

    Becoming a Freelance Writer, Part II « Imagination Soup | Fun Learning and Play Activities for Kids

  • Janalin Hood

    Moms Who Write and Blog: Becoming a Freelance Writer {Melissa Taylor at Imagination Soup}

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Illustrate a Sentence: A fun way to learn about parts of a sentence

A Writer's Notebook is a personal place for your students to create and keep their ideas, wonders, topics, and memories. Since incorporating these notebooks into the classroom, there has been a marked improvement in the quality of writing that my students produce. The greatest benefit in using this writing tool is that students no longer have the excuse of, "I have nothing to write about!" Ideas are already collected neatly in a decorative bound book. It truly is a wonderful thing!

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