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Pinellas Art Education Association (Via FaceBook on Arts for LA)

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Art teaches kids...

Effortlessly Communicate Your Curriculum With These Student Handouts K-1

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Many times, art teachers defend art education by saying that it raises test scores, keeps kids in school, or improves student performance in "core" academic areas. This may all be true, but the visual arts teach important "habits of mind" that can't be learned in traditionally "core" academic areas. The world my children will live and work in is a very different world than today and I want to prepare them for it. They will need these habits to be successful in the next generation of caree...

How to Write a Great Essential Question

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Art Education Blog for K-12 Art Teachers | SchoolArtsRoom. Includes directions for a 3D protect using construction paper.

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Clever way to remember...

Keep Calm Teach Art T-Shirt

Value scale and sphere worksheet; 7th grade Art #blending #value #shading

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List of Free Educational Apps by grade level.

The cast of Frozen in Minnie/Mickey ears Kids Youth Size Disney Vacation family T-shirt by DigitalWishes on Etsy

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