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Friday Fashion Funny

***"It's so hot when he wears his pants halfway down his legs.Seriously, pull your pants up.

Because you can't afford health insurance, I just want to say.....

Thanks for showing up to the state-funded healthcare clinic with your Louis Vuitton purse, fresh mani and pedi, MAC lipgloss, hair weave, and Medicaid card.

faster than the speed of light

Funny Confession Ecard: Nothing faster than the speed of light. Nothing moves faster than a girl untagging herself from a photo that makes her look fat. There really is an ecard for that!

Anything with raisins in it would be 10 times better with chocolate chips instead. For example: a box of raisins.

Anything with raisins in it would be 10 times better with chocolate chips. For example: A box of raisins.

Brought tears to my eyes.

my new favorite haiku. I love haiku's, they remind me of Lester Papadopoulos.

Haha! I usually ask, "How bad is your pain 0-10--10 meaning you're on fire?!" You'd be surprised how many people say "10" as they're eating or texting. :-P

On a scale of 1 to stepping on a lego, how much pain are you in? Haha maybe this should be our new pain scale at the hospital :)

I know its your fb page and you can say whatever the hell you want to say, but then I am seeing it so I'll react however the hell I want to react....

ecards, profess love, significant other, daily basis, punch you in the face

im glad someone said it

Re-electing Obama is like backing the Titanic up and hitting the iceberg a second time! thank-you-internet-for-your-hilarity

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I REALLY hate folding clothes! We need to invent this.

@Michelle Shue, remember that ninth grade english teacher who never taught me this? :p

Yup, I've never been a huge fan of Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet was OK, but for me, A Midsummer Night's Dream was UNBEARABLE. My favourite Shakespeare is Merchant of Venice.