My 3-year old loved this. Poke holes through a plastic bag without leaking any water out!

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So cool! Science for Kids: Overnight Crystal Garden from @Babble Dabble Do

Good, clean fun for kids! Magic Ketchup – Part Science Experiment, Part Magic Show

This is my FAVORITE experiment to do with kids!

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50 Summer Science Activity Ideas. Fantastic Collection of Ideas with Links to great learning AND fun activities for young kids.

15 simple science experiments for kids.

Make Your Own Solar Oven Tutorial! What a easy, thrifty, fun activity. This would be perfect for a lesson on predicting!

24 kids’ science experiments that adults can enjoy, too - you’re never too old for rainbows, explosions or rainbow explosions!

Egg science experiments Not for a wedding but HOW COOL! You could do this with the boys!

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an experiment to illustrate that ants have a transparent abdomen. This is so neat!

"Ice Tunnels" combine ordinary salt, ice and liquid watercolors in an unforgettable art and science experiment that costs only pennies. Try this on sunny day with lots of bright sunlight and you'll experience amazing color, light refraction and salt crystallization with a hands-on experience for children of all ages.

This is a great simpler version of the color mixing mystery activity I did with my kids this week. This one is perfect for 2 -3 year olds! An invitation to create color surprise eruptions for kids!

Make a cloud experiment

rainbow science experiment - to do with kids!

25 at home science experiments - I'd want to do these even if I DIDN'T have a kid!

salt and ice....A science activity that is fun, unique, and beautiful too!..