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Indian Okra Recipes

Spiced Okra Delicious Pan Fried Okra with Spices

HeNeedsFoodfrom HeNeedsFood

Bhindi masala {spiced okra

Okra Cut

Okra Heneedsfood

Spiced Okra

Masala Spiced

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Spiced Deep Fried Okra! A Southern fave, with a twist! They are addictive, snack-a-licious! Mmmmmm!

Veg Recipes of Indiafrom Veg Recipes of India

Baingan Bhaja or Begun Bhaja

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baingan bhaja - crispy eggplant fries... yum with some rotis or naan & yogurt

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Besanwali Bhindi Sabzi | Okra stir fry with chickpeas flour .... It's vegan, easy and tasty...

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Kerala Sadya

Pachadi Recipe : Vendakka - Okra Kichadi and Pachadi Recipe - Kerala Sadya Special


There's More To Okra Than Frying

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masala-stuffed okra

backonpointefrom backonpointe

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Carrot fries!

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Loaded Chicken Salad with Garlic Greek Yogurt Ranch “Mayo”

Bhindi Sabzi

Okra Masala

Sandhya S Kitchen



Collage -Bhindi Sabzi Okra Masala

Bhindi Sabzi

Okra Masala

Sandhya S Kitchen



Collage -Bhindi Sabzi Okra Masala

Kitchen Confidantefrom Kitchen Confidante

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Lentil Okra Curry | #indian

Masala Herbfrom Masala Herb

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Greek yogurt dip with Gaea olive oil

Pinch of Yumfrom Pinch of Yum

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Homemade Healthy Palak Paneer - Pinch of Yum

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Melanie Makesfrom Melanie Makes

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Visit Site Found on Garlic Cucumber Dip Vegetarian • 20 mins to make • Serves 8 Taste of Home Produce 1 Cucumber, large 4 1/2 tsp Dill, fresh 1 Dill, fresh 3 ...

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Kofta 1

Aloo Kofta/Potato Dumplings in Yogurt Sauce

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A Brown Tablefrom A Brown Table

chilled cucumber walnut yogurt soup

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Chilled Cucumber

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Cucumber Walnut

chilled cucumber walnut yogurt soup #glutenfree #vegetarian #yogurt #chilledsoup by abrowntable, via Flickr