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Remember this the next time somebody tries to draw you into their own drama.

so true...

Philanthropy. "A philanthropist is a person who shares wealth and heart, time and skills…" - Dudu Myeni, Inyathelo Award for Women in Philanthropy, 2007 http://www.philanthropy.org.za/zoo-ones/item/dudu-myeni.html

Reminder to self.

preach!!! some people think that their you know what doesnt smell... i have news for them....you stink! put down your nose rude people!

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A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor. "Who really controls our economy? The economy is a huge wave we are riding and we better make sure we are buckled in because it is a wild ride. It is not smooth sailing. We have to be ready for it and control our mindset around risk." ~Kathleen Mundy www.MakingYourOwnMoney.com



I will never give up on trying to prove to u again. i want no one but u and if it takes how ever long to prove that so be it... I turned my back on u and that will never happen again. if it take the rest of my life to prove that to u....

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Do it den!!!

so true.

So true!

So very true!!!

Forget all the reasons why...