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Students get smart beads when they do something good academically. At the end of the day they trade in beads for a note to parents. A good idea!

Frame with glass... dry erase each time you switch the student and compliment. I love this idea! Each kid gets a day to be complimented...way to make them feel special! I LOVE THIS!!!

Leave personal notes on students' desks with dry erase markers when you know you are going to have a sub the next day or if you just want to show them some extra love

Every time the class is on task have them pull a letter title and place it anywhere they choose! When a word is completely spelled they receive that prize

Hide questions under their seat and announce 'hot seat' sometime during the day. Whoever has a question under their seat has to answer it. Perfect way to review/have fun! This is an idea from kindergarten that could be used in ANY grade!!

Use dvd cases with solid paper for mini "white" boards...everybody gets a glove/sock for an eraser to store inside the case. Smart idea!

Love. Teach. Inspire.from Love. Teach. Inspire.

Stoplight Independent Practice

Awesome strategy where students use cards to indicate how they are progressing through the independent practice. This allows the teacher to intervene when necessary and gauge student's understanding of concepts.

Fantastic idea! As an end of the year gift I bought my students beach-balls , they collected classmates signatures..we had a "ball"


50 Student Rewards That Don't Cost a Thing

Teaching In The Fast Lane: 50 Student Rewards That Don't Cost a Thing

This is how I keep track of Missing Work in my class. They take their post-it off and attach it to their late work.

Pull a name from the Mystery Hero jar. Don't say their name, but let kids know you are watching your Mystery Hero. If the Mystery Hero does a good job reward them, and if they aren't on their best behavior just say to the class that the Mystery Hero needs to try harder. Don't call the student out or let students know who it was.

Decorate an old chair to create a "share chair" for students to use when sharing writing or other accomplishments - this is prettier than my share chair