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Hon, I know where we keep everythin in the house. I live here, remember? Said no husband ever.

yes,indeed it of them,lol

Funny Seasonal Ecard: Love that its summer. Hate that I have to shave my legs all the time now.

Funny Friendship Ecard: I'm not a morning person. I'm not a night owl. But I can rock 11:30 a.m. like nobody's business. TOTALLY!

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Instead of organizing and cleaning my house, I pin ideas on how to organize and clean my house. The irony is not lost on me.

There are some people, and companies that I would really like to send this to...

Animate your ecards with the free Animate Me app. Make photos talk and move to the sound you apply - Convert this card into a animated joke! www.animatemeapp....

I actually stay home with a few toddlers... so you know I struggle with adult conversations. :P

Funny Workplace Ecard: Don't let people push you around. Unless you're in a wagon, 'cause that shit is fun.

Yeahhh....I do this every night. Doing it right now, in fact lol

Just because I came to work today doesn't imply that I've come to actually do work today