A mother hippo protecting and encouraging her baby to swim.

Hippo having fun

Hippo butts :)

Baby Saw Whet Owls and Saddleback Caterpillar by Psithyrus

Hippo Kisses

Hippo Family


Baby hippo and his mama enjoying a nap ...so sweet

Baby Hippo


~~Baby Hippo~~

hippo. #photography, #hippo

Closeup of Muskox Cow with Calf. Captive Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center SC Alaska Spring. Photo by Doug Lindstrand. Original in colour. °

it's official- I want a baby hippo!

Hippo Mother and Child



Hippo and baby, by Maurizio Camisaschi on Flickr

dolphins. favorite forever.

Mother and baby hippo. More people are killed by hippos than any other animal in Africa.

baby elephant ears!