How to discipline kids when you want to reach their hearts. This whole blog is great, I'm saving it for future reference.

Wow, when you look at it this way, it really does go by quickly.I commit that I will spend all the time I can making this time together the best!

FREE PRINTABLE. 30 questions to ask your kids to get to know their heart. These questions are designed to get your kids talking and sharing their hearts and minds with excitement.

Do you have to ask your child numerous times to do something? Learn how to use two powerful parenting tools to help get the outcome you want.

The Interrupt Rule - a common sense tool to teach your children how to respectfully interrupt their elders. This rule allows the adult to wait for a natural break in their conversation before addressing the needs of a child.

This post is by CWK Contributor Chelsea Lee Smith, who writes Moments a Day, where she has an entire collection of Hands on Activities to build character in your children. I hope you will visit her there too. ~Alissa “Don’t handicap your children by making their lives easy.” -Robert A. Heinlein With the plethora of […]

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