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Misty Tones - these colors are beautiful and so is the painting to showcase them!

Country road | colour palette

misty tones--Love this color combination --so restful to me. Great spa colors.

Color palette, chopped wood tree grain. rich, deep brown color scheme.

A real color storm - perhaps this is the best name for the color composition, uniting five shades of gray-blue. This color ensemble is very complicated and.

One of my favorite palette combos- great for an office, feels very 'nature inspired' but still sophisticated. Great with almost all wood tones

mossy palette

Autumn Color Palette | color palette Dec 10 2011 3 Comments

field tones

Moss Hues - http://design-seeds.com/index.php/home/entry/moss-hues

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This one is probably my favorite palette, excluding that dark brown (if I used that it would be sparingly). Sand, greys and lighter blues for main rooms, dark blue for bedroom, grey for master bath.

Wheat Tones, I kind of like this color scheme too.

Great example of how nature is a great scholar of how and what colors work together. Can you see how the palette on the right could be adapted for use in a home interior?

winged tones - design seeds

Color palette

Color Palettes! Pick one color and the site with search for every palette with that color in it

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