A great accent table for small spaces -- this compact piece features a mix of light and warm walnut with practical soft-touch-open storage space as well as open shelving perfect for books and magazines. | Libby Accent Table cort.com

blue semi-opaque divider walls in office space. This could be used in event decor as well!

Another small apartment with a smart and open interior design - beautiful natural shelves as room divider

AIGA Annual Design Exhibitions Using everyday objects. Stacked buckets for table legs - so smart!

Labscape Architecture _ 2TEC2 Booth The beginning of the project was based on the gills of the manta ray. How from one surface it’s divide himself to making progressive openings. The complete geometry is triangulated to make more architectonic effects. The space is created by 40 stripes of 25cm width, where each one deform, twist, reduces width, pull up and down for making the functions of; presentation, communication, sitting, table, desk, lights openings, storage.

Side table

This yellow-accented, gray-striped room features a color combination that adds texture as well as a bright splash of sunshine to a simplistic bedroom | designsponge.com Design by Angela Hardison

Table for Menu: minimalism in black and white | table . Tisch | Design: Kenyon Yeh |

Voices of Design Exhibition

Portland Meadows Physical Space, Signage & Wayfinding / The Official Manufacturing Company #signage #directional #wayfinding

White Bedroom

Display - so colorful and bright! #exhibitdesign #tradeshow #graphics

An old crib repurposed into a chalk table-top crafts and play station for the kids' bedroom -- solid upcycling idea! | alittlelearningfortwo.blogspot.ca

The view from this loft is exquisite. Imagine waking up to this every morning. | schoengeistig.tumblr.com

Texture, patterns, color! #exhibit #design #booth


Xzibit Stands at ICC for IRF #exhibit #design #coins

#DIY Headboard with LED Lights | shelterness.com

Modern bedroom

Wallpaper on the Playroom Ceiling

Zelda table designed by Katy Skelton. | Lonny