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  • Carla Rautenbach

    Ha ha ha, Benji & Baxter sal nie hiervan hou nie!

  • Crystal Beebee

    dog dishes built into a drawer! such a good idea!

  • Kieran

    pet food drawer. good idea for dogs who finish their food all at once. i don't like dog bowls out in sight...

  • Emily Smallwood

    Great idea to put your pet's food dish in a roll-out bottom drawer. Having dog bowls on the floor is not conducive to childproofing the kitchen. THIS is a great idea.

  • Hilary Gaines

    Such a great idea! Dog bowls in dresser drawer. Use an older/used piece of furniture so you're not putting dog food in a new item! love

  • Ashton Harrison

    Smart way to keep dog bowls dogfood out of the way...

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