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A little greenery goes a long way! Try staging two 6 foot tall Ficus trees in your entryway on either side of the door for a lush, green look. | Ficus Tree

Home Staging Tip: Use plants and greenery in "water" areas of the home (i.e. near kitchen sink, in the bathroom, etc.) | Bamboo and Greens Plant

Linen Chair by CORT || An elegant statement, perfect for staging a book nook or coffee corner in the living room. Complement with large framed artworks or an end table.

Every room in your home has its own unique use and therefore, its own personality. Choose a rug that fits the mood of your room and know that you'll always feel comfortable! | To see these and more rugs that CORT offers, see

Home staging tip: When arranging wall art, have a strategy. Creating symmetry in your wall art gives a streamlined and balanced effect in your interior design, while providing an artistic focal point. To see the diverse styles of artwork CORT offers, see: |

Home Staging Tip! The most important part of staging an attractive room is removing all clutter and unnecessary elements. The main offender is having too much furniture -- so make a rule that for every item that enters the house, one has to leave. | Cashmere with Sydney Living Room Set

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12 Stores That You'll Want To Cheat On Ikea With

12 Stores That You'll Want To Cheat On Ikea With oh my God yessss I love furniture. Cute home designs, just take my wallet

Staging Tip: When decorating the coffee table, layer with a tray to break up the surface and make the table feel not as huge. Then, arrange decor of varying heights (high, medium, low) to create an appealing composition. | Burton Living Room with Sydney Tables

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House Hunting Tips - Staging to SELL

Staging to SELL: Tips on how to effectively stage your house without having to make it look like a page out of a magazine. #staging

Home staging tip: Copper-colored décor like this Copper Frescalina Table Lamp with a glossy finish can often be used as a bold statement while harmonizing well with large pieces of furniture. ||

The Simple Staging Guide for Home Decor Infographic

Seating capacities options for home staging. |