DIY outdoor Cinderblock Wood Seating! Change the color and cushion and that would be kind of practical.. put it out by the fire pit for lots of bonfire fun!

Cinder block sofa

DIY Outdoor Furniture Using Cement Blocks

cinder block bench / DIY

propane fire pits for decks | Hull Patio, Pergola, Propane fire pit, custom benches , pillar ...

color match

My version of the cute cinder block benches I have seen. I hope everyone likes the improvements I have made - created via P.S. The white strips you see are the moving straps I placed before moving the pieces to the back yard.

Make a solar "lamp" to light the deck...

DIY Portable Outdoor BBQ Kitchen

DIY Fire Pit with Cinder Blocks

Outdoor seating. Use nylon rope.

Hack your old fridge to become an outdoor cooler. #DIY

DIY Outdoor Bench - in less than an hour using cinder blocks, by The Basement

Oh my gosh! No hammers, nails or drill!!! DIY Outdoor Bench - in less than an hour using cinder blocks and boards. Cheap and EASY! Get cushions from used furniture shop or old couch being thrown away and cover with sheets which you can just pin together.