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How to BBQ Tri-tip - summer cooking, grilling, barbecue, cookout, fourth of July food

Drunken Grapes These boozy grapes were super easy and everyone loved them Simply slice some red (or green) grapes and soak them in Amaretto over night. Stick them on some tooth picks and tadaa, you've got a party pleaser. The rich almond-y flavor of the Amaretto and the sweet and sour grapes worked really well

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Housewarming Party

Housewarming party wine wrapped as moving boxes.... maybe I'll do this once my new apartment is finally ready for a housewarming!

Housewarming party, cake idea! Maybe in a different color but love the idea.

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The Most Common Cooking Mistakes

The most common cooking mistakes. Pictured: a trick to test the evenness of your oven's heat.

Housewarming Party Timeline Checklist | I'd like to start hosting these for my buyers when they get into their new place.

For GRILLING steak - I start the grill, heat up on high for 5+ minutes before putting the steak on. I cook on MED. We like our steaks less pink & Medium to Medium Well, so we add 2 minutes per side. (And 2 minutes or more per side if they are extra thick steaks). Only flip ONCE. Add a pat of butter & dash of salt, and no Steak Sauce needed.

Housewarming party/ love the Kraft paper & writing... keeps the counters clean, but won't show off our beautiful granite

Home SWEET Home. Cute little house cookies. A great, fun, and totally cute housewarming party treat.


How to Make Natural Outdoor Fly Repellent with Essential Oils

Keep flies away from outdoor food. I wish I would have seen this before our last camping trip.