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Christmas In My Heart… #NaBloPoMo

When December came I was so lost in my fog I almost didn’t notice. It isn’t as if there were a lot of Christmas around me to remind me. We were still having 85 degree days with cool ocean filled breezes and it seemed as if no one saw the point in decorating. My husband noticed. NaBloPoMo | Christmas | Holiday |

One of my favorite Christmas songs is the one from this printable but I’m not sure if it’s actually called “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”. It’s a song that I first heard in college and it brings back a bunch of memories, plus it makes me want to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and …

Clothes Pin Christmas Trees

A fun way to showcase all of those fun holiday and Christmas cards you get each year. Make clothes pin Christmas trees.

Caramel Twix Poke Cake

Caramel twix poke cake dessert - so moist and sweet! Perfect for summer or a treat to bring to a party. You could also use butterfingers, or snickers.

Faux Pallet Christmas Sign and Christmas Mantel Reveal

If you don't have a real pallet handy to make a Christmas Sign, you can always have a temporary faux one! Check out this Faux Pallet Christmas Sign and Christmas Mantel Reveal.

DIY Holiday Bathroom Update

#QuiltedHoliday #AD Turn your toilet paper stash into holiday decor with homemade foam stamps and Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® Mega Rolls.

How We Celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas


HOLIDAYS: ORNAMENT INSPIRATION | sylvie in the sky The most stylish Christmas Tree. Sprinkle, string and dot it with sweet, whimsical ornaments that make us smile. Shop our favorite ornament inspiration boards today...

Best Christmas Movies - hellorigby! lifestyle & fashion blog

10 Best Christmas Movies, and a surprise #giveaway! / Every year, I gather up the best Christmas movies, a warm blanket and curl up on the couch. Here's my list of 10 of my favorite flicks for the holidays! / View the list: