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Miniature of the Virgin and Child, from the De Lisle Psalter (Arundel 83 II). The Virgin, her feet resting on a dragon and a lion, is holding the Child. They are seated in an elaborate Gothic arched canopy, with niches containing two angels carrying candels, and the figures of Catherine of Alexandria and Margaret of Antioch.

Amherst Hours, "St. Margaret" (with dragons) Walters Manuscript W.167, fol. 101v ~ This book of hours was written in Dutch in the fifteenth century for the use of Utrecht. The Hours of the Virgin and of the Cross are accompanied here by the Dutch translation of Henry Suso's "Cursus aeternae sapientiae," a text that was particularly popular for private devotion in the Netherlands.

St Mary Undercroft: Roof Boss depicting St Margaret Carved roof boss showing St Margaret of Antioch who, crowned and with a book in her left hand, overcomes the Devil shown as a dragon at her feet. This is one of the large bosses carved in the centre of each bay depicting the trials and martyrdoms of five saints: St

Saint Margaret and the Dragon Workshop of Agnolo Gaddi (Italian, Florentine, active by 1369–died 1396) - Supposedly martyred in 304, legend had it that Margaret was swallowed by Satan in the guise of a dragon, but emerged unscathed due to the cross she possessed.

St. Margaret. Bibliothèque nationale de France, Latin 1171, f. 87r (St Margaret). Book of Hours, use of Rome. 16th century

Margaret of Antioch emerging from yet another dragon - Medieval Manuscript Images, Pierpont Morgan Library, Hours of Pierre de Bosredont. MS G.55 fol. 121v