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So this pin is orig about nail polish patterns, but couldn't you do it on a much larger scale using cardboard tubes of varying sizes for an accent wall or maybe the inner-side of a door?

paint nails white, then dip a straw in different colors to make the rings - so cute!

Take a straw, and dip it in the nail polish, than use the straw kind of like a stamp on the nails! Cute idea!

you use a straw, consider my mind blasted at the simplicity of the idea and the amazing effect!

1. Pick a base nail polish color. 2. Pick any color(s) you would like to use for the circles. 3. Dip a straw in the colored nail polish and use as a stamp onto your nails. 4. Apply topcoat. 5. Voila!

Straw dipped in nail polish... so cute! Why didn't I think of this?

Make little circles with the end of a straw! Cute! :)

A Genius DIY-Able Nail Art Idea (You Just Need a Straw!): Girls in the Beauty Department: Beauty:

I tried this, nails painted with drinking straws, and my circles came out way to big, and it was difficult to get the whole ring. I think it would work better with round coffee stirers. But it was cute.

paint the base color, and then cover up your fingers, and splatter other nail polishes all over. Remove the cover.

I htink this is dots made wiht a dotting tool (although they look awfully smooth) with the bubble nail stamp like I have in my Mash set.