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A Service Design Model. Internal and external design research and contextual inquiry will lead to a deeply rooted shared vision, mission and behaviour, and a brand promise that will be kept. This promise will be used to build meaningful relationships throughout the entire customer journey. This in turn leads to a service blueprint providing a basis for interaction, behaviour and culture.

Service Design Process by Amy Cotton

Issuufrom Issuu

Value Proposition Design

Value Proposition Design | How to create products and services customers want | by Alexander Osterwalder on issuu - Sept 2014


The Hugh Dubberly successful product

*He’s the maestro of design diagrams. *I’m alarmed to realize that my adaptation of Hugh’s diagram, which I called “Anticonventional Products,” lacks any category for “unsuccessful products.” It’s strange to overlook the vast host of product failures. Oh well, back to the drawing board. *Yes, there is more. OF COURSE there is more.

Service Design Overview Model.

HOW Designfrom HOW Design

Understanding Design Strategy: Effective Graphic Design for Clients

Terry Lee Stone's Touchpoints for #Design Strategy → Bullshit

SYSTEM MAP: Service Design Tool. A visual description of the service technical organization: the different actors involved, their mutual links and the flows of materials, energy, information and money through the system.

Integration of scenarios, storyboard, and service system navigation for service system design phase. UX UI Service Design Tool

Information Design and Usabilityfrom Information Design and Usability

Designing brand identity

briefly brand