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Disco is Sgt. Parakeet

Monk parakeet

Blue Ring-Nosed Parakeet .

Parakeets by audubonimages, via Flickr

As a young girl we had a Parakeet fly into our house and that was the beginning our or Bird Adventure. We've had many since then... currently have a yellow napped Parrot, Virgil. Have had a large variety of pets over the years. Such fun... what a privilege it is to be friends with an animal, other than a human.

Golden Conure.

cute green bird//reminds me of our little bird when we were at grandma's she had one and it got out one day and was gone Queenie she lived in La at the time......we were sad Thomas & I

Regent Parrot

Beautiful blue. His name is Bjorn

I am ready for my snack now please!

When will someone make human-sized shark mouth beds?

kitty sandwich.


We should make rainbow animals... each gets a color and then thats the color of the animal... It would need a cool Name [colors available O.Y.I. so far. Im debating on Green or Indigo...]


Every cat thing reminds me of the three of you.

this just has to make you smile