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Thank you to all who follow me. I am glad you are enjoying my boards as much as I am. I do not have a "pin limit" on my boards as I feel that the images are for all. I do ask that you do not pin a complete board all at once, Come back as often as you like and enjoy pinning. Please don't copy everything in the exact order. Be creative in your own way. Have a wonderful day everyone! Premila♡✿PM

garden art print reading library gardener girl mom by dazeychic, twenty bucks on etsy this pretty much defines me!

from Etsy

Dear God I want to take a minute not to ask you for anything but to thank you... wood sign

Pin 2. I. Share ALL my Pins & NO Blocking. : Why do pinners put both. Of these pins. Do they share all as said or not ??? How. Can you ask others to pin politely yet put up this pin as well ..

Shabby Girl shares her pins as you can see by this pin. Thank you Shabby Girl - we appreciate sharers like you. ✿ڿڰۣ(̆̃̃•